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Discussions. - Puck/Beth 

Puck should’ve known that the assholes that are in charge over at People would be all over the pictures of him and Quinn. Problem with Hollywood is that they blow every little thing out of proportion. They needed to get their damn facts straight before writing their shit. Then again, the truth doesn’t sell as much as lies.

But Beth had seen the pictures. She hadn’t read the article, but she saw the pictures of him and her new teacher out on the streets. There were pictures of just him, just her, and a few of them together hugging, talking by their cars, and even one of him kissing her cheek. This was bad. A lot of people read People. Including his girlfriend. She had it mailed to her house every week. She’d no doubt call once she saw the photos.

But he had to talk to Beth and explain why he was out with the woman she thought was only her teacher. He couldn’t let her know too much, but he could at least explain that he wasn’t going out with her in that sense. Coming to a stop at her door, he brought his knuckles down a few times under the “Keep Out” sign that he’d actually gotten for her on her 13th birthday. “Beth it’s me. Can I come in?” Normally, he’d just barge right in, but the keep out sign that he provided her. Plus, he knew how teenaged girls were about their privacy.